At Roseview we are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of care for our clients within a pleasant and homely atmosphere.

We seek to provide a safe and reassuring environment, to offer care, support and advice to our clients who no longer wish, or are unable, to live alone.

We have very clear objectives in mind which we hope to achieve from the outset.

These include:

1. Ensuring that each client has privacy and dignity.

2. Encouraging each client to participate in the decision-making process relating to issues that affect them.

3. Maintaining each client’s personal identity and choice.

4. Ensuring that each client treats Roseview as their own home.

5. Involving each client in future policy initiation and review.

6. Ensuring that clients, relatives and staff work together effectively to achieve the above.

At Roseview we shall ensure our objectives are met by regular auditing of our policies and regulations.